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Republican candidate behind ‘AOC burning’ ad accuses HER of ‘name calling’


The Republican behind a disturbing political ad that depicts a burning image of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says the lefty firebrand is the one guilty of “name calling."

Elizabeth Heng portrayed the 30-second ad, which brands AOC as “ignorant” and compares her to the genocidal leaders of Communist Cambodia, as a legitimate salvo in a “debate of ideas."

“This ad is about fighting the socialist agenda that has taken over the Democratic Party,” Heng, a failed California congressional candidate whose family comes from Cambodia, said in a statement to Roll Call.

“I am not afraid to engage in a debate of ideas," Heng said. “AOC extremists have to resort in name calling because they don’t have real solutions for our country.”

The ad was produced by New Faces GOP, a political action committee run by Heng that promotes non-white men in a Republican Party increasingly dominated by older white men.

It starts with an image of Ocasio-Cortez being consumed by flames as Heng intones: “This is the face of ignorance.” The ad then shows photos from the mass killings in Cambodia, which Heng suggests were a product of AOC’s socialist ideology even though the genocide took place more than a decade before Ocasio-Cortez was even born.

Ocasio-Cortez, who regularly receives death threats when she is attacked by Republicans or President Trump, says the ad was a “love letter” to racist white supremacists in the GOP base.

Some have questioned why ABC allowed the ad to air during the Democratic debate. The network did not immediately return calls for comment Friday.