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Rep. Debbie Dingell asks for prayers for husband John, who has 'entered a new phase'


Former Rep. John Dingell, left, and his wife Debbie, who now holds his congressional seat, are pictured here in 2014. (Max Ortiz / AP)

Michigan Rep. Debbie Dingell has asked for prayers for her husband John, who’s the longest-serving congressperson, during what she calls a “difficult time.”

Dingell explained her absence from Tuesday’s State of the Union Address address in a Wednesday morning tweet that states her 92-year-old husband has “entered a new phase.”

“Friends and colleagues know me and know I would be in Washington right now unless something was up,” Dingell, 65, wrote. “I am home with John and we have entered a new phase. He is my love and we have been a team for nearly 40 years.”

The couple were married in 1981.

“I will be taking each day as it comes,” Dingell added. “We thank people for their friendship and support and ask for prayers and privacy during this difficult time.”

She did not reveal what is affecting her husband, who had a heart attack in September.

Dingell currently holds the same seat in Congress that her husband did. John was sworn in to the House in 1955 and served for 60 years after taking over his father’s seat.