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Readers sound off on the Democratic Primary, political dialogue, and kids


Cincinnati: Re “Joe Biden faces down Elizabeth Warren and Democratic field in Lone Star debate showdown” (Sept. 12): Political junkies and voters who prefer to leave the junk aside and cast their vote on the basis of visceral reactions should consider a few questions: Will the incumbent ringmaster of the circus that has become presidential politics in our fair land be defeated by an increasingly fragile former vice president and senator of center-left provenance who is bedeviled by a long history of serial gaffes or by a fire-breather on the far left whose acolytes storm the ramparts of common sense and fiscal prudence? Will President Trump be victorious despite his exhausting displays of fact-challenged irritability and ego?

Independent voters and moderates in Democratic ranks who desire an end to the Trump carnival will gravitate to Biden regardless of his many problems, especially if other debaters, in robotic displays of pander, give voice to ideas that stir the body politic in politically correct ways that many of us reject. Some of their ideas capture the perfervid imagination with alacrity, especially if those who believe in the flights of fancy do not pay the bill, and gain velocity with every news cycle on the left. As the liberal echo chamber magnifies the idea, it often becomes decorated with drama, festooned with fear for the planet, with global shadows, with the darkness and assurance of doom. And you thought Mr. Trump was the sole ogre in the race. Paul Bloustein

Levittown, L.I.: Trump is Hitler II. Hillary Clinton is a murderer and her husband is a rapist. Barack Obama is a homosexual illegal alien Muslim sympathetic to Al Qaeda. George W. Bush is a brain-damaged idiot — yet the genius criminal mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. I’m an ultra-left communist because I think raising the minimum wage might pull millions of paycheck-to-paycheck families away from the brink of bankruptcy and homelessness. I’m also an uber-right fascist because I think better border patrol enforcement might keep us safe from terrorists, drug gangs and human traffickers. Why are we so divided as a nation? Why are we becoming U.S.goslavia? Because this is what now passes as political dialogue. An entire generation of Americans has decided that cliches, slogans, catch-phrases, buzzwords and memes on Facebook are more important than facts, figures, statistics, historical documentation and scientific evidence. At least the last time we were this divided — back when Lincoln was elected president — the Union and Confederates possessed the intellectual sophistication and emotional maturity to present serious arguments to support their causes. Paul Manton

Gilbert, Ariz.: Yep, we did it to ourselves! Our president is playing hardball with the Chinese. Our farmers were the first to feel the financial pinch when the trade tariffs began. They seemed to understand it, and took it better that I expected. I’m proud of them; they understand the task at hand, and have been willing to do their share! Now that we may see that same “pinch” impact the rest of our population, all is not well. After decades of doing nothing, we now have a president who is willing to act for Americans. Yes, it may hurt us financially. Well, we seem to have earned that by our past silence and inaction! No, I don’t like everything President Trump does but I am fully behind him in the China matter. After decades of doing nothing, we now must pay the price. You don’t have to like it, but if you’re honest with yourself, we did do it to ourselves. This will be difficult for some, but it’s time to suck it up and support the president. Tom Tyschper

Massapequa, L.I.: To Voicer Doris Festante: Just so you know, the Democrats did come out and vote, big time. They just got tired of being crushed by Obamacare and a horrible economy and, quite frankly, the division of the country. Despite all the nonsense about Russia, the “Blue Wall” flipped for the first time since Reagan because Obama was horrible. The people of those states voted for him twice and got screwed for it so they went for a change. This is what you guys just can’t comprehend. It’s actually sad. Thomas Higgins

Tuckahoe, N.Y.: There is so much incorrect about Voicer Russell Paul La Valle’s letter denouncing animal rights, it’s hard to know where to begin. Animals are ‘“irrational?" “Amoral?" Several animals are capable of complex problem solving, including fish, monkeys, squirrels and crows; many animals mate for life, including geese, swans, wolves, penguins and eagles. And yes, animals certainly do have rights. Individual states can and have installed many bills that address the rights of animals — it’s only a few that don’t want to recognize them or the incredible methods of communication animals use that are beyond our own limited scope. The world is changing; education, information and evolution put La Valle’s antiquated theories in the past where they belong. Kiley Blackman

Ridgewood: Voicer Frederick Bedell is right on. Elderly and disabled people are very vulnerable. And today’s people, especially kids, are disrespectful brats. Once on a bus, I was losing my balance and bumping into a kid who felt it was wrong of me to bump into them while losing my balance. But they didn’t do right and offer me a seat. An elderly man did. And of course I thanked him profusely. And a kid at 7/11 expected me to hold the door open and not hold it open for me. These brats are spoiled. This stuff did not happen when we were kids. And the sad thing is, a lot of these parents are around my age. What are parents teaching them? Thanks Voicer Frederick Bedell for telling it as it is. Amy Marino

Brooklyn: Why, oh why does Mayor de Blasio want to lower standards? Why shouldn’t we continue to have gifted programs for bright students? Maybe they’ll come up with beneficial achievements for society and civilization. What’s wrong with that, mayor?! Ruth Biller

Brooklyn: I have never seen such horrible talk shows as those on air now — “The Talk,” “The View,” Wendy Williams and the new crew, Tamron Hall and Kelly Clarkson. Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas are rolling in their graves. Mariann Tepedino

St. Petersburg, Fla.: Why, oh why, do you continue to feature Hank Gola as your football picks artist? This guy doesn’t even get close to picking 50% correct. Every year it’s terrible with this guy. Haven’t you got any other guys on staff to at least give them a shot or at least rotate a couple each week? Best bet? It’s bet against this guys picks! Bill Barrett