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Readers sound off on school bus contracts, “truth be told” and the Climate March


Brooklyn: Re “"$427M and the stink!" (Sept 19): The Daily News missed the mark when they singled out Reliant — one of DOE’s top performing school transportation providers — for criticism. Reliant is proud to be the city’s largest provider of special needs transportation, serving 12,000 children twice daily on more than 900 routes across all five boroughs. We’ve driven 40 million miles in the last four school years with a performance record above 99%.

Every dollar in city subsidies goes directly to workers — not the company — and enables us to pay a living wage to the most experienced school bus workers, matrons, and mechanics in the business. It also levels the playing field against more than 20 bus companies who receive funding that far exceeds anything we’ve ever been provided.

We agree that the school bus contracting system needs to be fixed ASAP. That’s why we’ve supported — along with organized labor, parent groups, and the vast majority of New York lawmakers — reforms that would stop companies from hiring inexperienced workers that would hurt on-time performance and New York City students and families. We applaud the Daily News for having covered this campaign earlier in the year and urge all New Yorkers to join us in the fight to finally fix New York City’s school bus system long-term. Tom Egan, CEO, MV Transportation, Inc., Reliant Transportation, Inc.

Bronx: In his op-ed “Robert Moses, race and reality” (Sept. 18), Seth Barron argues that Moses could not have restricted buses in order to keep Jones Beach lily-white because there were not many blacks or Puerto Ricans in New York City at the time (1929). What he fails to see and understand (or he is preconditioned by white racism to ignore) is that in the eyes of white people, one black or brown person is considered one too many when it comes to sharing what they (whites) perceive to be their space. The presence of a single black man in a “white person’s city block” is more than enough to trigger the “there goes the neighborhood” racist behavior that caused the brutal death of Emmett Till in 1955 and of Eric Garner as recently as 2014. What does, in fact, require large numbers — in order for racist practices and policies to take hold — is the complicity of spectators who fail to condemn subtle and not so subtle methods of exclusion. David Cruz

Lansdowne, Pa.: In response to Voicer Doris Festante’s letter urging Democrats to get out and vote in a woman president: The U.S. would have gotten Hillary in 2008 if Obama hadn’t been urged to go for it by Hillary’s own party! Republicans weren’t enthused by Rino McCain. For all the disgraceful ridicule she took, Gov. Sarah Palin had a lot more executive level experience than Cipher Obama had. I’ll always believe it’s a real pity Gov. Douglas Wilder, Sen. Ed Brooke or Gen. Colin Powell doesn’t have the historic mantle of being the first black U.S. president. Georgia Makiver

Brooklyn: I’ve been a loyal Daily News reader and subscriber for more than 10 years. You’ve maintained a great newspaper, even with many changes. I have one major complaint about the sports section. The Jets writer uses the term “truth be told” in almost every single article that he writes. It literally makes me nauseous. Please work with him to find diversify his lingo. Michael Spears

Paramus, N.J.: Shame on you and your sick “Between the Lines” comic strip about the caged mouse who thinks it’s being chosen for its “forever home” but instead was chosen to be a feeder mouse. Is that supposed to be funny? It wasn’t. It was sick, sick, sick. I’m sending you a copy. Let’s hope you don’t hand it over your desk. Again, a double shame, shame on you. Mary Ellen Carney

Livingston, N.J.: To all the “Climate Protesters”: Please look at yourselves in the mirror. Your clothing, jewelry, hair and skin products, footwear, etc., not to mention the basics of the world we live in — shelter, food and so forth — was shipped via cargo ships, air transport and motor vehicles. Tell me, what is required for these modes of transportation? Fossil fuels! So unless you’re willing to don a fig leaf with twine, put down the protest signs and get real. Greg Gartland

Brooklyn: Riders of the B46 have my sympathy, but at least they still have their bus. My Kensington neighborhood totally lost the B23 (which connected six bus routes and three subway lines from Borough Park to Flatbush) when the MTA needed the money to put platform arrival clocks in the subways. Why? You already paid your fare at the subway. Will you leave the station if you have to wait for the train? It will get there when it gets there, no matter what the clock says. Meanwhile, my neighborhood has to hoof it for blocks to get either train or bus. I guess that’s why most of my neighbors have given up on public transit and bought cars. Ilsa Ruthen

Yonkers: So the whiny parents of the United Nations International School are upset that the students were asked to volunteer to appear with our first lady at a Stock Exchange bell ringing (“Parents of UN students don’t want them in photo op with Melania Trump,” Sept. 17). Ah, poor babies! In addition, the students needed “grief counseling to cope with the shock after President Trump’s election win.” I wanted to throw up my breakfast after I read that nonsense. Here’s an idea: Close the school and send the whiners and their spoiled brats back to where they came from. Ralph A. Manente

Manhattan: In response to Voicer Edith Cardaci’s suggestion to depict the departed Twin Towers on the new New York license plates as a reminder of that tragic day 9/11: I can think of nothing more injurious to the psyche of New Yorkers than literally a daily reminder of that day’s horror. Why remain in the painful past? We will never forget — even without the aid of a license plate design. May I suggest instead a depiction of the beautiful soaring Freedom Tower rising to the future? Dan Leventritt

Brooklyn: Shouldn’t one of the cable channels air a marathon in tribute to Valerie Harper with episodes of her series “Rhoda” or perhaps “Mary Tyler Moore” episodes which featured this talented and funny lady? Perhaps Sundance ought to do this. I don’t know, but someone ought to! Are you listening producers? Sarah Alboher