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Readers sound off on MTA service, Congress and Saudi Arabia


Manhattan: Friday the 13th began fittingly for me, with a mini-nightmare — courtesy of the MTA.

Coming home from a debate watch party around 11:30 p.m., I waited more than 50 minutes at 9th Ave. and 50th St. for a M11 bus to arrive. Several blocks after I boarded, the driver asked whether anyone was headed below 34th. I stated that I was going to 23rd. Nevertheless, the bus, which normally terminates at Abingdon Square, stopped at 34th. The driver explained that his dispatcher had ordered the route to be shortened as long as there were no passengers on board with walkers or in wheelchairs who needed to go farther. He gave me a ticket for another bus.

Knowing that past midnight it was unlikely for another M11 to come soon, I began walking — in the rain. The sidewalks and streets just below 34th were pitted and uneven, difficult to traverse during the day but extremely hard to negotiate at night. And because some months ago my ankle broke in three places, the challenge was especially great. Adding to my trial was the fact that the streets were fairly empty. A woman alone must be mindful at night when going through a deserted stretch.

After stumbling around on under-lit streets, I gave up and decided at 28th to try my chances at catching another bus. One eventually arrived. The transfer did not work; when I explained the situation, the driver cast a gimlet eye, but let me ride, anyway.

The MTA is currently cracking down on farebeaters. The scofflaws, if caught, face a fine. What penalty should the MTA face when they take payment but do not deliver service? Judy L. Richheimer

Linden, N.J.: How to get Trump flustered at any future rally: Just shout, “Remember Alabama!” Ron Jackowski

Manhattan: To Voicer Thomas Higgins: To blame the switch from Obama to Trump on the Affordable Care Act and Obama’s “horrible” performance is just dead wrong. The economy was recovering from the worst recession in its history and Obama basically kept us from diving into a depression, so I’m not sure what you’re referring to as horrible. The ACA, hardly perfect, provided needed health care to millions. The Republicans’ attempt to kill it never happened because it was working. Only now with Trump draining ACA of funds, and providing inadequate alternatives has the program been underachieving. The flight to Trump by many had more to do with people’s problems with the color of Obama’s skin rather than his performance rating as chief executive. Peter Goodridge

West Islip, L.I.: Stay inside and gloat, Voicer Chana Schwartz. Completely delusional letter. We Republicans have to win the House and the Senate and save this sinking ship that Obama left us. Take the blinders off and see what the Democrats have done for the general public these last two-and-a-half years. Oh yes, one thing: Trying to impeach Trump. You have some good points. I agree, why has Congress absolutely ignored the mess we have here? Their main objective in life is not to help United States citizens but to obstruct, obstruct, obstruct. Everyone’s obsession is Trump. Get over it. Do something for the citizens. Carmel Harrigan

Brooklyn: In response to Voicer Doris Festante: We vote based on a candidate’s policy and not chromosome makeup. And even though I might agree with you that it would be nice to have a woman president, I would still vote for Trump over any of the women that might run against him because I like his policies better then their policies. Jose Hircsh

Howard Beach: Is diversity payback for segregation? Ernest Kienzle

New Paltz, N.Y.: Voicer Kiley Blackman takes exception with my characterizing animals as “irrational, amoral creatures,” with no inherent “rights.” She states that “fish, monkeys, squirrels and crows” are “capable of complex problem solving” and geese, swans, wolves and penguins “mate for life”— her proof that animals can comprehend and participate in the exercise of complex moral principles. The fact remains, the only so-called “rights” animals have are those that man gives them in our capacity as responsible stewards of the planet and its domains. These are not “antiquated theories” but immutable facts of life — even if Blackman finds a parrot or two that can recite the Bill of Rights. Russell Paul La Valle

Bronx: Let me get this straight. Saudi Arabia, a very rich country, is too cheap to spend money to protect its oil facilities. This is the country that murdered Jamal Khashoggi. Fifteen of the terrorists who caused 9/11 were Saudi nationals. Now Trump is saying we are “locked and loaded.” Sounds like the “shock and awe” retaliation against Iraq and we know how that ended. Oh yes, there were no weapons of mass destruction. Great intelligence gathering. When will we learn that we cannot be the policeman of the world? Especially when we are misinformed and misguided. America should spend its time healing our divided nation, compliments of President Trump. Gilbert M. Lane

Staten Island: Could someone please tell the Giants and the Jets that preseason is over and these games they are now playing are the real deal. Robert McKenna

Cranbury, N.J.: Has the Daily News forgotten that there is a professional hockey league? As September is here and preseason is about to start, I’m wondering where the coverage is. Baseball is exciting in New York. Football has started and the U.S. Open has concluded. Basketball hasn’t started but there’s no shortage of stories there. Come on Daily News, where’s the hockey coverage? I’d gladly offer my services to cover these games if it would help. Robert Grill

Brooklyn: Thanks to a Daily News contest, I won tickets for my daughter and I to see the premier of “Angel Has Fallen.” The movie was great — two hours of edge-of-your-seat excitement. Also the event was very well organized. Thanks again for a great night out! JoAnn Del Pin

Manhattan: I want to give a big thank you to the Daily News for the trip for two that I won to St. Augustine, Fla. What an absolutely beautiful time my daughter and I had. St. Augustine is so rich in Spanish history and has so many things see, do, and eat. From the walks down St. George St. to the ?Dolphin Odyssey boat ride, and the many fabulous shops and restaurants, it’s a trip we will never forget. Thank you so very much and please keep up the contests. What an absolute blessing! Alisa Jackson