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Readers sound off on Bronx politics, lying politicians and suffragist statues


Bronx: It was with dismay and disappointment that I read your editorial regarding my unsuccessful attempt to hold the court system accountable for bowing to the pressure of Bronx County Democratic Chair Marcos Crespo, who demanded that I hire a person for my staff who was unqualified. (“Very bad judgment,” Sept. 15). There is so much that your editorial failed to comprehend.

I am not, and never have been, part of the Bronx political machine. I am an outsider and gained my judicial offices with support of local leaders.

Also, I did not refuse a lawful assignment. I refused to hire a political hack as my assistant. As punishment, the Bronx Administrative Judge Robert Torres, who was deeply dependent upon Crespo, demoted me to a domestic violence courtroom. My demotion was retribution for failure to obey Crespo.

As The News knows, I demanded an immediate public hearing where all the wrongful parties would be compelled, under oath, to produce all the evidence of their collusion.

I could have obeyed the chairman’s command and been permitted to serve an additional six years as a certificated justice that over a six year period would have amounted to roughly $1.2 million. Instead, I chose to stand on principle and The News chose to rebuke me and, in doing so, provide cover to a corrupt system. Thanks to The News, no judge or court employee is likely to come forward to report political arm-twisting because there is now a fear that by doing so they risk a takedown by the Daily News. I am grateful that The New York Times published an accurate article about what happened to me. In this case The News failed to rise to its high standard of reporting and editorial opinion. Hon. Armando J. Montano (ret.)

Westport, Conn.: “Gun gut check” (Sept. 16): Apparently, the system of checks and balances, the idea that each of the three branches of government can limit the powers of the others, is not functioning right now in this country. Mitch McConnell‘s refusal to even bring the bill to the Senate floor for discussion is a refusal to do the job that has been given to him by American citizens. McConnell might be misunderstanding what the word “checks” means. He may be thinking his job as Senate majority leader is to “check” that he appeases the president instead of first running it by Senate. Or, he may be thinking about fat “checks” that he receives from the gun lobby group. Either way, the Senate is not functioning the way it should. Hiroshi Asada

Bronx: To Voicer Marilyn Pescatore: Yes, Maryilyn, I still read The News because, like you, I grew up reading the Daily News and have for over 70 years. I keep hoping and praying The News will go back to being an independent paper once again. I, too, am disappointed how in how The News has turned so far left. I am sure a lot of the old timers who still work there feel like us. So I will go on reading and praying. Socialism does not work. Think American and your readers will come back! Ralph Valente

Staten Island: The MTA did not give any notice that they planned to remove bus schedules from bus stops and they did not take the consumer into consideration. As a senior with a cane, I am not going to dig around in my purse for a phone to make myself a target for knuckleheads who attack seniors. I need to be alert. Gloria Smith

Yonkers: So after Sept. 1, do MAGA hats now cost a lot more? Just wondering. Suzanne Hayes Kelly

San Francisco: Trump is always impressed with people who look like they came from “central casting.” He is perfect for the role of clueless idiot. Jimmy Layton

Little Egg Harbor, N.J.: I have to respond to both Voicers John Puglisi and Kathleen Campbell blaming Bush, Giuliani and Whitman for stating the air after 9/11 was clean. All three are career politicians, meaning they are professional liars. Anybody that thinks buildings of that size collapse and don’t produce a harmful environment is an idiot. The government is not your mommy and daddy. People need to stop treating it as such. Of course the air was toxic at Ground Zero. Two huge buildings with tons of chemicals collapsed, who doesn’t understand that? Why are these Voicers surprised politicians lied to them? William Cook

Manhattan: The sculpture of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and Sojourner Truth was scheduled to be unveiled in August 2020 in Central Park. That seems to have hit some kind of snag. It is not at all a racist statue. It is a statue that unifies women. Women deserve to have a statue that commemorates the long struggle for women to be able to vote in elections. The only other statue of a woman in Central Park, one of the great parks of the world, is of a mythical woman: Alice in Wonderland. It is unfair for naysayers to decide to object suddenly. Terese Coe

Rego Park: Paramedic Voicer Staley Dietrich responded to my letter about the poor placement of the bike line crosstown on 52nd St. between Fifth and Sixth Aves. Dietrich said I was mistaken and that the bike lane actually makes his job easier as vehicles in the way of the ambulance can move into the bike lane. But I would like to clarify that in this instance, as bizarre as it is, the current placement of the lanes is thus: curb, bike lane, parking lane, regular traffic lane, parking lane, curb. The single through traffic lane is bordered and blocked on both sides by parked cars. Oreg Tuttle

Corona: Regarding the recent Staten Island police shooting: Short and direct! If you point a gun at a police officer, you die. Bye, bye. Nevermind de-escalate. Mike Liquori

San Francisco: Re Mike Lupica’s Sept. 14 column suggesting that the Jets may soon call Carli Lloyd (“Yankees need to fight for the best record, it could mean the World in October”): Could Lloyd be the answer for NFL teams in need of a better placekicker? Why not! Once someone has the threshold leg strength to make a 55-yard field goal, as Lloyd did in practice, all that’s needed is the focus to perform when the game is on the line. Undoubtedly, there are many women who, if given the chance, could excel. If Lloyd doesn’t make the NFL, then someday another woman will. Maybe even my 7-year-old soccer superstar daughter, Sophie. Stephen A. Silver