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Readers sound off on Anne Frank, student debt and the Green Party


Brooklyn: If we are to survive these troubled times we live in, we need to respect the ways in which we differ from each other. One way of accomplishing that is by partaking of Anne Frank’s wisdom.

Frank, a Jewish girl who died in a concentration camp at age 15, wrote “The Diary of a Young Girl.” This phenomenal global bestseller offers not only a window into her psyche, but also into World War II and the Holocaust. In depicting the horrific years of Nazi occupation with maturity beyond her years, she shows that we can celebrate life through steely resolve, optimism, commitment to family, and humor.

She believed that we should be happy because of the beauty surrounding us; that no one became poor by helping another human being; and that the best remedy for those who are lonely, afraid or unhappy is to interact with nature and God in the great outdoors.

She thought that many of our problems stem from the fact that as grown-ups we often quarrel about trivial issues, which is puzzling because squabbling is something even children outgrow. Vasilios Vasilounis

Hartsdale, N.Y.: While I applaud the efforts of Jairo Torres and Antonyo Love in rescuing a little girl from under a subway train (“ ‘The girl is alive’,” Sept. 23), I would like to offer a warning to others feeling brave enough to enter the subway tracks without proper safety training: Stay off the right-of-way unless the power to the third rail is turned off. It has only been the luck of the draw that an even bigger tragedy than that of the unfortunates who have found themselves on the subway tracks has not happened. Had any one of the would-be rescuers even touched the third rail, worse news would have occurred. When and if you see anyone on the subway tracks, please first assure that the booth attendant at the station knows there is a problem. That way you can be sure anyone attempting a rescue will not themselves become a victim. Norman Gaines

Bronx: I’m a native New Yorker who’s been riding buses and trains since the 1960s. Today, while trying to check the bus schedule arrival time on the bus stop pole for the bus, I noticed there were no times shown or listed. Instead it showed instructions on how to call 511 and how to download an app on your cellphone for information. Suppose I didn’t have a cellphone? Or the app? Or maybe my cellphone battery needs charging? The MTA shouldn’t assume that 100% of us have access to cellphones and apps. Jolinda Celentano

Floral Park, L.I.: Thank you, Errol Louis, for your column, “Drowning in student debt" (Sept. 26) as it keeps this issue in the mainstream media. The only other issue is that our elected officials in Congress are so focused on Donald Trump that they have forgotten the people that they represent: families, students, grandparents, etc. Need I say more? When will our Congress start going to work for us, the people? Robert Damato

Brooklyn: I am writing in response to Errol Louis’s column: I feel like the elephant in the room that everyone is ignoring is the interest rate. Many college graduates end up paying double tuition when interest ends up costing more than the initial principal amount. Instead of eliminating some of the principal, why not invest in our students by eliminating all or some of the interest on college loans? This way a college student can pay for his or her education without paying more interest than the education originally cost. Lee Levitt

Woodside: Thank you, Daily News, for recognizing that German Americans are part of “Our City, Your Paper" with the pictures of the Steuben Parade (Sept. 22). Margaret Nochowitz

Leicester, N.C.: To Voicer Jacqueline Robb: I agree with you and wanted to point out one of my pet peeves. When did “ 'nother” become a word? As in someone saying “A whole 'nother thing.” The proper way to say it is “another whole thing.” 'Nother is not a word. Michael Scanlan

San Francisco: In response to Voicer Fred Schoeneborn’s response to me: Fred, you’ve got some brown stuff on your nose. Jimmy Layton

Westlake Village, Calif.: Rep. Hakeem Jeffries’ description of Rudy Giuliani as Trump’s “hit man” was far too kind. Let’s call him what he is: a lowlife, back alley, blackjack carrying thug. For a guy who took so much unearned credit for taking on the Mafia, he sure learned how to act like them. Ken Ferber

Brooklyn: It is my First Amendment right to support my president, Donald J. Trump. If you attempt to assault me, I will introduce you to my Second Amendment rights. David DiBello

Charlotte, N.C.: I have one question for all the avid Trump supporters out there: Would you buy a used car from that guy? Ron Turek

Brooklyn: Re Allan Lichtman’s “Not futile to impeach” (op-ed, Sept. 25): I can appreciate Lichtman’s quixotic view that the House of Representatives should not consider that there is a slim chance the Senate would convict the president in a trial. However, in a practical sense, to put the country through the wrenching process of impeachment with no chance of the Senate convicting the president is certainly wrong and a huge disservice to our country. William Thurlow

Glendale: The New York City Teachers’ Retirement System is an almost impossible entanglement of discouraging impasses that make a byzantine murder mystery look like a Sunday school picnic. They tell you repeatedly to call back. When they do answer, they put you on hold for 20 minutes and then hang up on you. Their online horror is no better. Teachers who have worked hard for their retirement deserve better treatment. Carmelo J. Lo Faro

Brooklyn: You published a letter by the New York Green Party brass saying they don’t like to cross-endorse candidates who are also on another party ballot, but that’s a load of bull. Just look at Gloria Whatsherface, who was an establishment Democrat put on the opportunistic and for-sale Green Party ballot. I used to be in the Green Party, and was traumatized when I discovered they are even dirtier than the GOP and the Democrats! You know they’re totally corrupt by the fact that they’ve never been able to win a single election in liberal New York City! Not even dogcatcher! Uchena Shorey