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Readers sound off on a longtime Voicer, Nazi salutes and gun sales


The people speak.
In memory of a longtime Voicer

Massapequa, L.I.: A close friend of mine, with whom I worked with in the firehouse across the street from the World Trade Center, had a mother who absolutely loved the Daily News, especially the Voice of the People. She wrote into it often and was published many times. She wrote so often that she began writing under a pen name because she was afraid that if she used her real name, it might not get printed because of the amount of times she had been in under her real name. For years she would go back and forth between her real name, Rose O’Donnell from Brooklyn, and her pen name, Ronald Osgood from Brooklyn.

Mrs. O’Donnell passed away Aug. 19, 2014, just five days after her son’s, and my friend’s, birthday. This year, today, is the fifth anniversary of her passing. I don’t know why, but fifths and tenths seem to stand out more to us. That being so, it would be great to get copies of her letters that were printed in the paper over the years. Is there a database of people who wrote Voicers letters? Anything would be appreciated. Anthony Henry

Not the guns

Brookfield, Conn.: Once upon a time we didn’t have mass shootings like we have today, even though you could buy a gun in a pawn shop with no permit or background check. But then something changed, and it all started in the schools. One, there was prayer in schools. Even if you don’t believe, just the thought there might be someone watching would keep you on the straight and narrow. But that had to go. Civics classes also had to go because students’ rights were deemed more important than their responsibilities. And finally we had the whole “nothing matters more than your feelings” approach to child rearing, which is why we are where we are today. So to Voicer Robert Callen: It’s the people, stupid, it’s the people! Fred Schoeneborn

Take responsibility

Brooklyn: Police yourselves and end the discussion — you know which guns and clips not to sell. When you sell a pistol, sell a lock with it. I don’t need a gun in New York City, but I don’t want to lose rights. That’s a greased rope. If we lose the Second Amendment, it will be your fault, not the NRA or Trump. People who live in rural areas, etc. definitely need a gun for protection. Lastly, when profiling a customer know that anyone who hunts with a semi-automatic is a coward, not a sportsman. Just as you know that the one thing all the shooters had in common is that they were cowards. So don’t give them a AK-47, suggest a pocket Derringer or a Super Soaker and give us a chance. Lisa DeSantis


Rockaway Beach: We’re not arguing politics, we’re talking saving human lives. Heavy artillery does not kill selectively. My question to our representatives in Congress and the United States Senate on either side is: Do you have children or mothers to spare? Maureen McNelis

Throw away the key

Howard Beach: Donald Trump says the answer to gun violence is not gun control, but to round up all the mentally ill people. That statement itself smacks of mental illness. But then again, Trump is an expert at rounding up people and putting children in cages. Ernest Kienzle

Politicians of mass destruction

Astoria: Bibi Netanyahu is correct in barring the two “congresswomen” from setting foot on Israeli soil. Why would he allow these Jew-hating, racist, anti-American creatures into a country they’d rather see destroyed? The larger issue is why are they even sitting members of Congress trying to enter another country they’d like destroyed? Bradley Morris


Westwood, N.J.: These people who give the Nazi salute so patriotically (Proud Boys member John Kinsman) should read up on World War II and see how many real American patriot boys and men were killed and maimed fighting against this salute. World War II veterans and their families must be sickened by this display. Robert Koch


Bayside: For America to work we should look at an eagle, a great bird with two wings —a right and a left. The great bird cannot fly without both wings working together. Maybe this is the reason the eagle is our mascot and we just do not know it. She is telling us the answer. Bill Caramico

Vroom vroom

Manhattan: Lots of things, mostly of environmental nature like water, air, climate etc., frighten me deep down but when a wild gaggle of unruly, aggressive and extremely loud motor bikers surge by, free-wheeling on Second Ave., I really panic thinking this is all legal and nobody will even go there. The good thing is that it does not happen too often yet. Suzy E. Sandor

Easy way out

Manhattan: Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide perhaps because he knew deep down inside that he was guilty. It is unfortunate that now there will not be a true and complete ending to the crime he committed, and that his victims will have to live with this the rest of their lives. Amy Rosenfeld

Sleep with the fishes

Kew Gardens: I’m no Chris Cuomo fan, but that stereotypical zinger would piss me off as well. Phil Serpico

Liar, liar, pants on fire

Jamaica: Gaffes are better than lies! Gaffes can be corrected but lies are permanent and people tend to believe them. Charlene Black

American Dream

Bronx: Come down off your high horse, Daily News (“Homegrown hypocrite,” editorial, Aug. 14). Earlier immigrants had to prove self sufficiency before entering. To allow people into this country who will one way or another require government assistance is to send a message to the rest of the world, “Come to America. We’ll take care of you.” Come to think of it, the message was already sent some time ago. Bob Pascarella

Failed experiement

Bronx: As tragic as the recent deaths of bicyclists at the hands of motorists have been, the city needs to put as much importance on the issue of reckless riders putting pedestrians in constant danger by bikers riding against traffic, and disobeying traffic rules. The city needs to pass a law requiring bikes to be registered, with the penalty being that any bike that’s not registered will be confiscated. Unfortunately, this won’t happen, as doing so would be an admission that trying to turn New York into a European-style city has been a complete failure. Scott Barusek