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May 26, 2019

Rapper Willie ‘Bo’ McCoy was asleep when California police fired more than 20 shots into his car, according to family who saw video

March 14, 2019
Willie ‘Bo’ McCoy (Obtained by New York Daily News)

The 20-year-old rapper gunned down by a half-dozen California police officers was asleep in his car when the bullets came raining in, according to three family members who viewed footage of the Feb. 9 shooting of Willie McCoy.

“There was no way Willie was leaving there that day, period,” his brother Marc told The Guardian. “He wasn’t going to leave alive. They made their minds up.”


Marc claimed he did not see his brother open his eyes in video of the one-sided shootout. The gunfire reportedly started after police acknowledged to one another there was no clip in McCoy’s gun.

By all accounts, McCoy, who performed as Willie Bo, was asleep in his car in a Taco Bell parking lot when he was surrounded by Vallejo, Calif., cops. Officers claim they fired several rounds into McCoy as he awoke and reached for a firearm he had in his lap. That isn’t what his family members saw on police body-cam footage.

“He scratched his arm in his sleep … And they murdered him,” according to McCoy’s cousin David Harrison said. “There is no justification.”

A police spokesperson told the Guardian by email that that McCoy woke up before the officers — who remain on active duty — opened fire.

“He woke up on his own and sat up, reach [sic] for the handgun when the officers told him to show them his hands, then the officers fired,” a spokesperson claimed. Police declined to share video of the killing.

McCoy’s legal team claimed that officers fired more than 20 shots at the slumbering rapper. His lawyer, Melissa Nold, told the Daily News she was not allowed to view the footage with McCoy’s family, but described them all as “very upset” by what they saw.

According to Nold, McCoy’s family viewed the footage in the presence of at least five armed officers, who tried for an hour-and-a-half to explain the shooting was justified.

“They just walked out,” she said. “They were very upset.”

According to Nold, who said she was a California police officer before becoming a lawyer, McCoy’s family is hoping to gather more information before possibly moving forward with a federal case late next month.

Since 2017, Vallejo police have involved in eight shootings, according to the Times Herald.

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