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Protesters slam NYCHA big Vito Mustaciuolo over alleged misogyny and racist comments: ‘He’s got to go!’


Demonstrators demanded the resignation of New York City Housing Authority’s general manager Vito Mustaciuolo on Thursday over allegations he mistreated women subordinates and made racially charged statements on the job.

About 20 protesters picketed NYCHA’s offices at 250 Broadway with signs that said “STOP THE MISOGYNY,” “MUSTACIUOLO MUST GO” and “MAKE THE REPAIRS.”

“Enough is enough,” said Reginald Bowman, president of the Seth Low Houses Tenant Association. “He’s got to go. We need new management and we need to bring people in who are going to actually be able to do the job.”

Since Mustaciuolo became the authority’s general manager in Feb. 2018, some 18 high-level staffers have quit or been forced out — including 14 women.

A Daily News report outlining the allegations ignited controversy over Mustaciuolo’s performance at the authority. Sources who have worked with him told The News that he belittles and undermines his female co-workers.

He has also referred to public housing tenants at the Claremont Rehab apartments in the Bronx as “dirty,” according to one former staffer who was present for the remark

“I could say the tenants were dirty if I were black, but I can’t,” said Mustaciuolo, who’s white, according to the staffer.

Bowman described that comment as particularly problematic.

“He’s definitely a borderline racist individual. Misogynistic is a nice word for an individual like him,” he said. “Behind closed doors he and a lot of other people who run the New York City Housing Authority have a very low opinion of the residents who live here.”

City Hall spokesman Seth Stein said Mayor de Blasio’s administration takes “all allegations seriously.”

“An impartial investigation is under way by the Law Department, which we expect to be completed this month,” he said. "We will have more to say then.”