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July 16, 2019

Protester loses four fingers in Paris clash with cops

February 10, 2019
A car burns near the Eiffel Tower during violent clashes in Paris on Saturday. (

A gruesome injury has left a French protester with only six fingers.

The demonstrator, wearing the symbolic yellow vest as a symbol of national economic injustice, was severely injured Saturday as a throng attempted to storm the French National Assembly, reported The Associated Press.


French police would not confirm that the cause of the bloodied protester’s hand was a grenade. The victim was reportedly receiving medical treatment at a hospital. While skirmishes initiated in front on the parliamentary building, cops responded with tear gas. Amid the panic in front of the National Assembly gates is where paramedics responded to the protester.

Parisian police lobbed tear gas and brandished batons to disperse demonstrators tossing debris at them. Cars, motorcycles and trashcans were set on fire as the demonstration progressed toward the Eiffel Tower.

In all, 31 protesters were cuffed in Saturday’s clash.

On Twitter, French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner expressed his “disgust” at protesters who set fire to an anti-terrorism military vehicle.

“Every day the military … protects our compatriots from the risk of terrorism,” Castaner said. “These attacks are intolerable.”

The activists, who have compelled hundreds of thousands of others to take to the streets during the past three months, are hoping to achieve electoral success despite the movement’s lack of an appointed leader.

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