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Prosecutors dismiss L.I. pol who says Blaz deserves same charge


Brooklyn federal prosecutors say there's a good reason a Long Island politician is getting prosecuted for his dealings with a businessman while Mayor de Blasio isn't: the facts surrounding the two men are completely different.

On Tuesday, prosecutors said former Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano "utterly missed the point" with his claim he's being singled out for his connection to Harendra Singh, also a major de Blasio donor.

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Mayor de Blasio delivers a speech during the inauguration of Speaker of the New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson on Sunday in Manhattan.

(James Keivom/New York Daily News)

In Singh's recently unsealed 2016 plea, he copped to raising money for an unnamed official "in exchange for efforts by that official" and others to get government actions that'd help him and his restaurants. De Blasio was the official, sources said.

Manhattan federal prosecutors looked into the mayor's fund-raising. They opted against charges, though noted he'd stepped in for donors.

De Blasio remains mum about donor who pleaded guilty to bribery

Prosecutors yawned at the selective prosecution argument, saying Mangano and de Blasio were apples and oranges.

"It is undisputed that Mangano is charged with accepting bribes in the form of kickbacks and gifts in exchange for official action; while de Blasio was investigated for accepting campaign donations in exchange for official action."

Harendra Singh raised $24,000 for de Blasio's campaign and held two fund-raisers at his restaurant in Queens.

(James Carbone/New York Daily News)

There's different legal hurdles for those different goodies, court papers noted.

"Merely because Singh pled guilty to bribing de Blasio using campaign contributions and Mangano using personal enrichments does not make the cases similar," they said.

Mayor de Blasio says donor admitted to bribery to save himself

Mangano is scheduled for trial in March.