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Prosecutor rips Amber Guyger’s ‘garbage’ testimony during closing arguments of former Dallas police officer’s murder trial


A prosecutor ripped Amber Guyger's testimony as "garbage" on Monday during closing arguments of the former Dallas police officer's murder trial.

The jury began deliberations Monday afternoon but did not reach a verdict, and deliberations were scheduled to continue Tuesday.

Guyger was “an intruder” in Botham Jean’s apartment when she fatally shot him in September of 2018, according to Assistant District Attorney Jason Fine. Guyger, who was fired soon after the shooting, reiterated on the stand that she mistook his apartment for her own after working a long shift.

Fine said that Guyger missed major clues that would have told her it was not her apartment, including his red doormat, the apartment sign and walking from concrete onto his carpet. He added that there were several signs that her key was not the right one either.

“I mean, my God. This is crazy,” Fine told the jury, according to the Dallas Morning News. “It was unreasonable — she should’ve known she was in the wrong apartment.”

The case went to the jury on Monday afternoon. The panel can consider a manslaughter charge when mulling a verdict, the judge ruled.

Guyger broke down on the stand when she testified last week, saying that “I wish he had the gun and had killed me. I never wanted to take an innocent person’s life.”

She also said that “I never want anybody to have to go through or even imagine going through what I felt that night” — a statement that Fine brought to the attention of the jury on Monday.

“Are you kidding me?” he said, as he crumpled up the piece of paper the testimony was written on, according to the Morning News. “That is garbage.”

Fine also told the jury that he has confidence that they will do their duty.

“I believe that y’all will do the right thing, that y’all will follow your oath, that y’all will follow the law, apply it to these facts, and render the only, only true verdict, the only just verdict, and that is that this defendant murdered an innocent young man in his home,” he said, according to the Morning News.

Defense attorney Toby Shook implored the jury to evaluate the case “coolly and calmly,” and admitted that Guyger “made a series of horrible mistakes” that night.

“You’ll never see a case like this that’s so tragic,” Shook told the jury. “So tragic.”