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April 25, 2019

Prolific subway graffiti vandal nabbed again in Queens

November 30, 2018
Graffiti tagger Keylan Levine was arrested and charged in 14 separate acts of subway vandalism in Manhattan. (Obtained by Daily News)

A Queens man who was already in hot water for vandalism and weapons possession is facing more graffiti charges, police said Friday.

Keylan Levine, 29, was picked up at his Maspeth home on Thursday for 14 subway tagging incidents in Manhattan, cops said.

Unlike other graffiti vandals, Levine drew multiple tags to throw off investigators.

He was busted after he was linked by evidence found in his home, police said.

Levine was arrested in August, after cops found 1,542 cans of spray paint, an assault rifle modified with a bump stock, a .25 caliber pistol and ammunition in his apartment.

He was picked up on an indictment Thursday.

The 14 alleged acts of vandalism go back to June 14, when “Won’t” was found on a train in Harlem. Two weeks after that, “Queer” and “Apose” were discovered on a W train near City Hall, along with a tag referencing a street name for penis, and a drawing of a phallus for good measure, police said.

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