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Projection on Trump D.C. hotel calls for sexual misconduct probe


As President Trump's motorcade rolls through Washington, D.C. Tuesday night, a massive projection will blare on the front façade of his namesake hotel: "Donald Trump harassed or assaulted twenty women. Congress: Investigate Trump."

Women's rights activist group UltraViolet was behind the seething projection, which went up on the Trump International Hotel facade just hours before Trump's first State of the Union address. Karin Roland, a campaigns officer with UltraViolet, said the projection brings attention to a serious problem that continues to plague the Oval Office.

"Trump remains accused of sexual harassment or assault from more than twenty women. This is a national shame," Roland told the Daily News Tuesday afternoon.

"It is impossible for us to tackle the nation's sexual assault and harassment epidemic when the man who occupies our highest office is facing no accountability for the scores of sexual abuse accusations mounted against him."

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"Congress: Investigate Trump," one of the projections read. 

"Congress: Investigate Trump," one of the projections read. 

(Courtesy of UltraViolet)

The projection spotlights the nearly two dozen women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct. Trump — who's threatened to sue some of his accusers — has vehemently denied the allegations.

But his denials have only sown more discord, with scores of Democrats continuing to call on congressional committees to launch investigations into Trump's alleged behavior. For his first State of the Union, a number of Democratic members of Congress plan to wear all black in solidarity with victims of sexual violence — including the "women who have accused" Trump, California Rep. Norma Torres pointed out on Twitter.

While Roland expressed dismay at Republican reluctance to launch probes into the allegations against Trump, she took heart in Democrats wearing all black and donning #TimesUp pins to his State of the Union address. 

President Trump's D.C. hotel had a projection calling for a congressional probe into the sexual misconduct allegations against him.

(Evan Vucci/AP)

"It's literally shining a light on a serious issue," Roland said.

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She also took a jab at Republicans who have argued that investigating Trump for sexual misconduct is beyond the scope of Congress.

"It sends a message that this President is above accountability and above the law," Roland said.