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Profs at John Jay “swamp” accused of sexually harassing students


Ric Curtis (pictured), a professor and former Sociology Department interim chairman at John Jay College is one of several defendants in a federal lawsuit. (Obtained by New York Daily News)

Two former John Jay College undergrads are suing CUNY and the school’s professors for creating what they described in a new lawsuit as a “swamp”-like environment where professors plied their younger charges with booze and cocaine and slurred female students as “sluts,” “idiots” and “crazy.”

In their federal complaint filed in Manhattan Federal Court Monday, Claudia Cojocaru, 40, and Naomi Haber, 25, allege John Jay professors fostered a “hypersexualized” environment where they “denigrated women based on their looks and openly discussed their sexual conquests over female students.”

They also claim that when they complained to John Jay’s in-house lawyers, they were swiftly rebuffed.

Among the defendants named in the lawsuit are: adjunct professor Leonardo Dominguez; associate professor Barry Spunt; Ric Curtis, a professor and former Sociology Department interim chairman; and professor Anthony Marcus, who has written extensively about the sex trade. John Jay is one of 11 senior colleges that falls under the City University of New York.

In the complaint, Cojocaru accused Curtis of groping her and pressuring her to have a threesome with Marcus and Haber, and with himself and his mistress. When she reported a sexual assault of another student to Curtis, she claims that he told her the woman was a “slut,” who “gets drunk every year at (the conference) and vomits all over the bathroom after she allegedly gets raped.”

A John Jay spokesman did not immediately return messages.

“The Manhattan District Attorney thoroughly investigated the fabricated allegations of Claudia Cojocaru and Naomi Haber against Prof. Ric Curtis, found the allegations not credible, and declined to bring any charges,” Curtis’ attorney Robert Herbst said. “The college’s Title IX investigator found Ric Curtis not guilty of all of Cojocaru’s and Haber’s allegations of rape, attempted rape, sexual assault, and sexual violence.”