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Pregnant bride, 30, dies after suffering stroke moments before wedding


A couple’s wedding day ended in tragedy last weekend in Brazil after the 30-year-old pregnant bride suffered a stroke on her way to the ceremony and later died at the hospital.

Brazilian news outlets reported that Jéssica Victor Guedes, who was six months pregnant with her first child, fell ill inside a limo Saturday night as her fiancé and numerous guests waited for her at a Catholic church in São Paulo, the country’s biggest city.

The groom and former firefighter, Flavio Gonçalvez, rushed to the car as it parked outside the church and started first aid before emergency personnel arrived, but the woman died hours later at a nearby hospital. The baby, Sophia, survived after doctors performed an emergency C-section, according to the newspaper Folha de São Paulo.

“I was waiting for the woman of my life,” Gonçalvez, a police lieutenant, told the paper.

“She was a super mother, giving her life to our daughter,” he said. “It’s been hard. I feel like I’m living a nightmare.”

The couple had been posting photos and videos on social media documenting the pregnancy and wedding up to the tragic moment over the weekend. A heartbreaking video posted Saturday evening on Instagram shows the woman already dressed as a bride and blowing kisses to the camera.


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Other posts feature ultrasound images of the Sophia, photos of their baby shower and numerous other pictures of the couple getting ready for the wedding.

In a post Tuesday, the groom said Guedes would’ve been “an excellent mother.”

The couple had moved up their wedding from November to September after learning she was pregnant, Folha reported. On their wedding night, Guedes appeared healthy before passing out in the limo not far from the church.

Her stroke was a result of pre-eclampsia, a sudden rise in blood pressure that can occur during pregnancy, according to medical records obtained by the R7 news outlet.

Sophia is expected to remain at the hospital for about three months since she was born prematurely.

The nurse’s family donated her organs, as was her wish, R7 reported. They also donated the food that would be served on Sunday during the wedding party, Gonçalvez said on Instagram.