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Pornhub offers Philly cops Crisco alternative for Super Bowl prep


A porn site is offering the City of Brotherly Love a helping hand.

Bracing for massive celebrations Sunday with the Eagles in the Super Bowl, Philadelphia announced it will not use Crisco again to thwart rioting fans from climbing street lights, so Pornhub is offering two 55-gallon barrels of lubricant to use instead.

Philly police tried to prevent rioting before NFC title game by greasing the light poles around town.

(Tim Tai/AP)

Police Commissioner Richard Ross said this week they won’t use Crisco because it didn’t work the last time. Prior to the NFC title game, “Crisco Cops” slathered grease on telephone poles and street lights, but some fans still managed to scale the poles as crowds chanted, “F--k that grease!”

Ross said they’ll use something stronger this weekend for crowds they expect to be three times bigger -- but they aren’t saying what.

Philadelphia ditching Crisco for Super Bowl crowd control

“Rest assured, whatever we do, it will be safe to anybody, any animal, any child, anything, but it will be effective,” he said. "I can't tell you that there won't still be attempts, but I just would suspect that some of them will be far more difficult than they were with the Crisco attempts.”

Pornhub VP Corey Price thinks he has the answer.

“As evidenced by our breast and testicle cancer prevention and awareness campaigns, both health and safety are very important to us at Pornhub,” he said. “So, when we got word that Crisco wasn't successfully keeping rowdy Philly fans from climbing street signs and traffic lights, which can be very dangerous, we thought we could help by offering our lube. We figured, if we are able to successfully ‘grease the poles’ of thousands of Pornhub fans across the globe, why not help out the good people of Philly!”

The website made its initial offer in a tweet Wednesday, to which the Philadelphia Police account responded with a “double facepalm” meme, “for when one facepalm doesn’t cut it.”