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Pornhub offers free leaf removal in New York's Dutchess County


Pornhub will clear leaves from the yards of Dutchess County residents for free for a limited time. (Pornhub & Dutchess Lawns)

Yard work never sounded so scandalous.

Residents of Dutchess County, N.Y., can apply to have leaves removed from their properties for free by a company hired by adult entertainment brand Pornhub.

The naughtily-named campaign, “Pornhub Blows America,” is in effect now through Friday in this Hudson Valley area and is expected to expand to other U.S. cities in the coming weeks.

The raunchy streaming website founded in 2007 has teamed up with Poughkeepsie-based landscaper Dutchess Lawns to “blow” leaves from local residences and businesses.

Dutchess County homeowners and businesses can submit requests for leaf removal service by emailing — ahem — [email protected]

“So far we’ve received several dozen requests for leaf removal just a few hours after announcing the initiative and we expect this number to grow into the hundreds over the course of the next few days,” Pornhub vice president Corey Price told the Daily News. “We will service as many residents as possible.”

The salacious site asks that requests include name, address, phone number and proof of address. Dutchess Lawns will schedule appointments based on the order requests roll in. Pornhub pays the bill, and Dutchess Lawns’ landscaping trucks and crew uniforms will be branded with Pornhub’s logo.

“Responses have been overwhelmingly positive,” Price said when asked if the company has gotten any backlash from residents. "We wanted to lend a hand and give back to our fans. What better way than blowing their leaves for them? One less thing to do this weekend.”

Don’t plan on pranking your pals and sending a Pornhub-festooned truck to their homes. To ensure lawn service requests are legit, residents and business owners will have to show a valid ID that matches the name and address of the request for service.

Pornhub’s latest venture follows its “Pornhub Plows America” campaign, which plowed snow from streets and parking lots after a winter storm in March of 2017.