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Police discover four tons of stolen oranges after car chase


Orange police glad they pulled this car over?

Police in Spain recovered four tons of oranges after pulling over two cars after a short chase.

Seville officers became suspicious of two cars that were driving very close together, Europa Press reports. When police tried to pull the cars over, the vehicles took off leading to officers chasing them through a dirt road.

After reaching the two vehicles, police discovered both cars were packed full of oranges.

College student leads police on chase, documents it on Snapchat

Police arrested five people after they couldn’t explain where they had gotten such a large amount of fruit.


When police searched the area they discovered a van that also happened to be loaded with the citrus fruit.

Five people were arrested in the incident after the suspects couldn't explain to police where the oranges came from. The suspects tried telling officers they were "coming from very far away and had been stopping and collecting oranges along the way," Europa Press reports.

They also claimed they were carrying the fruit to eat themselves, but police said they didn't have the required documentation to transport such a large amount of fruit.

It was later discovered the oranges were stolen from a ship located in Carmona.