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Police detective resigns after twice making comments about shooting up a station if he didn’t get transferred


A Florida detective resigned before his Thursday interview with internal affairs investigators, who’d planned to question him regarding comments he made twice about shooting up a police station.

Tarpon Springs, Fla., detective Steve Bergren confessed that, saying, “There would be an active shooter situation” if he did not get an assignment to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Countywide Narcotics Task Force was an “ill advised” attempt at humor, according to Tampa Bay Weekly.

However, officers who heard what Bergren called a “jest” claimed the statement was made in a “stoic manner and not giving any indication that this was a joke.”

Investigators also found Bergren made that comment more that once, according to the report. The detective would have been terminate if he hadn’t resigned, the Tampa Bay Times reported. His case was formally closed Friday.

The investigation had been ongoing since Aug. 6. Bergren was stripped of his weapons and placed on paid administrative leave in the interim. He reportedly took responsibility for his words in writing and is awaiting a Florida Department of Law Enforcement Standards Commission investigation to determine the fate of his certification as a cop in the Sunshine State.