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Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour auctioning off over 100 guitars for charity


Some of David Gilmour's guitars that were ready to be auctioned off. (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Hey, you, want to buy a rock legend’s guitars?

Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour is auctioning off 120 guitars that he’s used over his legendary career.

Fans who can’t afford Gilmour’s 1969 Black Stratocaster (estimated at $100,000 to $150,000) are in luck. The guitars will be on display at Christie’s in New York City now until the big auction starts on Thursday.

“These guitars have been very good to me and many of them have gifted me pieces of music over the years," Gilmour said.

"They have paid for themselves many times over, but it’s now time that they moved on. Guitars were made to be played and it is my wish that wherever they end up, they continue to give their owners the gift of music.

"By auctioning these guitars I hope that I can give some help where it is really needed and through my charitable foundation do some good in this world. It will be a wrench to see them go and perhaps one day I’ll have to track one or two of them down and buy them back!”

Christie’s is estimating the most iconic of Gilmour’s guitars, such as the 1954 Fender with serial number 0001 to fetch about $150,000, but other famous guitarists have had huge sales at auction before, according to Christie’s Musical Instruments Specialist Kerry Keane.

“There is great, I think, resonance with this instrument,” Keane told New York’s Q104.3, regarding the Black Strat. “People understand its importance. Who knows where it will go?”

The auction house sold Eric Clapton’s “Blackie” for over $950,000 in 2004. An unidentified buyer paid $2.4 million for the guitar John Lennon used on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”

People unable to visit Christie’s to see the collection don’t have to wish they were there. They can take a virtual tour on the company’s website.