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Pilot of plane that exploded in California was not a Chicago cop, badge and paperwork were fake


The pilot of a small plane that crashed into a house in Yorba Linda, Calif, Antonio Pastini (seen here with daughter Julia Ackley). (Julia Ackley / AP)

The pilot of the small plane that exploded and crashed into a Southern California home, killing himself and four others, was not a Chicago cop as previously reported.

Authorities initially said that the pilot, Nevada resident Antonio Pastini, was a retired Chicago police officer because a badge and related papers had been found after the crash — but it turned out they were fake.

Both the badge and retirement papers were falsified, a rep for the Orange County Sheriff's Dept. told the Daily News.

Pastini, 75, took off in a twin-engine Cessna Sunday afternoon from Fullerton Municipal Airport in Orange County, which exploded mid-air just 10 minutes later in the city of Yorba Linda. The plane broke apart with pieces landing on more than a dozen properties, with one piece landing on a home, killing four people inside.

The four victims in the home, two men and two women, are reportedly being identified with the help of dental records and DNA since they were so badly burned.

The cause of the explosion and crash is still unknown and being investigated.

Pastini was born Jordan Isaacson and was an experienced pilot, his daughter Julia Ackley told NBC Los Angeles. She added that he had been in Orange County to visit her and her daughter and was on his way home at the time of the crash.