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Pigeon-chasing hawk gets trapped in Lower East Side fence, takes off when cops show up


You’ve won this round, pigeon.

A hawk on the hunt for a Lower East Side pigeon became trapped in a playground’s chain link fence, but managed to free itself after the NYPD rode in for a rescue on Tuesday.

The bird of prey was stalking its dinner at about 5:30 p.m. while children played basketball nearby at the corner of Madison and Catherine Sts. “It went after a pigeon and caught the fence. It was stuck upside down,” said Jean Shum, a wildlife photographer who lives in the neighborhood.

Hawks have very sharp talons that they use to grab things, like prey, and they have a mighty grip.

The hawk was suspended on the 12-foot fence for about 15 minutes until police showed up. One officer used a riot shield to try to reach it, while a second set up a ladder, Shum said.

“When they got close enough, the hawk got spooked, flipped right up and took off."