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Penis-shaped Australian sculpture gets snipped


A 40-foot-tall Australian sculpture that many people said resembled a penis, has been cut down to size.

“The Bayshore Drive Lighthouse Sculpture,” a gangly, metallic, artwork was meant to show 6,000 birds flying around a silhouette of the Cape Byron Light, a lighthouse located in Cape Byron, New South Wales.

But artist Corey Thomas’ sculpture, which some dubbed the “Disco Dong” due to its phallic shape, didn’t even last a year before it was dismantled in the cover of night Wednesday.

Byron Bay resident Liz Friend, who started on online petition to have the artwork razed, expressed joy after its decommission.

“It was huge, shiny, uncharacteristic and intrusive,” Friend griped to Guardian Australia.

But fans of the unorthodox sculpture desperately tried to keep it up, even crafting a sign that read: “Hands off our dong!”

Byron Bay tells coffs harbour, goulburn, ballina etc where they can shove their giant icons when it launches it's giant... dick!

The metal birds, which had started falling off the sculpture before its deconstruction, are now for sale, with the proceeds to help fund the removal cost.

The sculpture likely cost about $37,000, according to The Guardian.

Thomas hoped to create an impression of birds circling the century-old lighthouse. Unfortunately, the result was widely panned as an ugly Christmas tree, a wrinkly roll of aluminum foil, and sparkly sex toy.

Critics groaned that the money spent on the artwork would have been bettered suited to fixing potholes.

Byron Shire Council deputy mayor Michael Lyon griped that the sculpture was rushed and approved too quickly.

“We have learned how not do public art,” lamented Lyon. “We didn’t have time to get really decent expressions of interest.”