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Penalty stroke: French mayor wants Brits to pay for English climber who dumped rowing machine on Mont Blanc


A mayor of an Alpen town wants to bill the British Embassy for the cost of removing a rowing machine from Mont Blanc. (OVB_Moscow/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A former English Marine has a mountain-sized problem.

Matthew Disney, a self-proclaimed “elite fitness enthusiast and global adventurer” was scaling Mont Blanc, the largest mountain in the Alps, on Aug. 30 with the intention of using his rowing machine to row from a locale near the summit all the way to the top — all in the name of charity.

But with dangerous weather kicking up, Disney dumped off the machine on a mountain shelter and abandoned it. He successfully finished his climb without the 57-pound gadget and didn’t take it with him during his descent.

“I spoke to others and I then turned around. Safety is paramount to me. Even more so for others and the fact that I was carrying the rowing machine,” Disney said, according to BBC News. “I made a decision that the safety of others’ lives was more paramount. I went down to place the rower in the shelter.”

Mayor Jean-Marc Peillex of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, located near Mont Blanc, asserted he intended to send a bill for the machine’s removal to the British Embassy in Paris — the cost of which would be about $2,000 to remove it by chopper.

“If the British want to leave Europe, first they have to settle their debts,” groused Peillex.

Reaction to Disney’s shenanigans on social media ranged from disappointed to outraged.

“What an utterly self-centered, insufferable wanker you are,” wrote Facebook user Ronnie Clarke on the former Royal Marine Commando’s page.

But Amy Williams’ rebuke was even more pointed.

“You might want to raise funds for the environment . . . or paying for helicopters to come and pick up your s---!,” wrote Williams. “You look like a f----- narcissistic gym douchebag.”

But Disney tried defending his actions.

“I’ve been to 13 countries’ highest mountains with the rowing machine. I have appreciation for nature and mountains as a wholee,” said Disney. “I’m not there to make a mockery of the mountain. I do feel like the mayor has blown this out of proportion.”