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Panties worn by Hitler’s wife Eva Braun sold for $4,623 at a British auction


Someone has a Fuhrer fetish.

A pair of silk pink panties worn by Adolf Hitler’s lover, and short-time wife, Eva Braun sold for $4,623 at a British auction Thursday.

The monogrammed undergarment was purchased by phone during a private auction at Humbert and Ellis Auctioneers in central England, according to the BBC. That same anonymous bidder also shelled out $3,247 for a white lace nightdress worn by the German dictator’s longtime love.

Braun, who committed suicide alongside Hitler as he did the same in a Berlin bunker two days after they married, was 33 at the time of her death in April 1945. Hitler was 56. They met when Braun was a teenager.

Auctioneer Jonathan Humbert told the BBC that such items, however morbid they may seem, are still of interest to some collectors.

“There continues to be a perennial interest in personal artifacts from such notorious high-level World War Two figures and accordingly such items, even without provenance, command high prices,” Humbert said.

A gold-plated bracelet bearing a swastika on its lid and an inset photo of Hitler sold for $2,300 at the same auction. That piece was owned by the wife of Hitler confidante Hermann Goring and is thought to be from 1938.