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Ohio woman arrested for murder of 5-year-old grandson after allegedly beating him


An Ohio woman allegedly beat her grandson so hard that he died from his injuries, but she still waited until it was too late to call 911, officials said.

Yisenya Flores was charged with child endangerment last week after her 5-year-old grandson, Anjuan Hare III, was found unconscious at home, according to WTGV. Flores told police that Anjuan had jumped off a mattress onto the carpet and hurt himself.

He was taken to Toledo Hospital, where he died.

But hospital staff said Anjuan’s injuries weren’t consistent with a fall, according to court documents obtained by WTGV.

After being interviewed, Flores admitted to hitting Anjuan on Thursday, leaving him “lethargic and semi-unresponsive,” but said she still waited a day to call for help.

The coroner also found evidence of Battered Child Syndrome, implying that Anjuan had been abused before, according to WTGV.

Flores has been charged with murder and child endangerment, as well as a series of driving-related charges, according to online jail records.