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Ohio high school football player ‘built like a tank’ reportedly saves neighbor’s life by lifting car off him


A 16-year-old football player in Ohio put his brawn to heroic use when he lifted a car that was crushing his neighbor, according to local reports.

Zac Clark, a student at Clear Fork High School in Bellville, Ohio, rushed to his neighbor’s aid when he realized the man’s Volkswagen had slipped off a jack stand and was crushing his chest, the Mansfield News Journal reported.

“I turned around and saw him struggling,” Clark said, according to the News Journal. “Instincts kicked in, and I just ran over there, and I just thought I had to get the car off him."

Zac’s mom and the man’s wife pulled the man out from under the car, the sophomore said.

Zac said he’s always wanted to be a firefighter. His football coach, Dave Carroll, said Zac’s unusually strong.

“He is built like a tank with a ton of natural strength," Carroll said, according to the News Journal.

The man was at home recovering after the rescue, according to Fox affiliate WJW. Zac said the man suffered a couple of cracked ribs.

“I was thankful that I was put in the opportunity to be able to save somebody’s life,” Zac told the TV station.