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Officials searching for private plane with two people on board that went missing in New Mexico days ago


A private plane that went missing shortly after taking off in New Mexico on Thursday remains the subject of a days-long search by rescue officials.

Two people were on board the single-engine plane when it departed Santa Fe Regional Airport shortly before 6 p.m. Thursday.

Air traffic controllers lost touch with the plane 12 minutes after it took off.

The plane’s last registered location came a mile south of Tererro. It was there that the aircraft’s emergency beacon went off.

A search began early Friday morning and has continued through the weekend, with officials looking both in the air and on the ground.

The search is taking place in the Pecos Wilderness, which features more than 1 million square-miles, Dusty Francisco of the New Mexico State Police told the Daily News. Rescue officials are looking in Santa Fe National Park.

The identities of the pilot and the passenger have not been revealed, but officials have confirmed they are both from Colorado.

The duo had been refueling the plane before they left the airport in Santa Fe.