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Officer shot, man arrested in Brooklyn after fatal shooting

NEW YORK ((DailyNews)) — An officer has been shot three times and a wounded suspect arrested after a fatal shooting in Brooklyn, police said.

Officers were on patrol Wednesday night when it was reported that shots had been fired nearby, according to the New York City Police Department. A few minutes later, they spotted a man walking briskly and when they went to investigate, the man pulled a gun and began firing at officers, police said.

Officers fired back and one was shot three times, including once in the vest, police said. The officer has not been identified and is expected to make a full recovery.

A suspect, 26, was shot in the leg and arrested, police said. A firearm was recovered.

Authorities are investigating whether the shooting with police was related to the shots reported earlier, police said.

Video of the initial shooting showed a man run up and fire shots into a white SUV, which later crashed, police said. The shooting left one person inside the vehicle dead, another with a gunshot wound that was not fatal, and a third uninjured, police said.

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