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NYPD Special Victims under investigation by Internal Affairs: sources


The NYPD’s embattled Special Victims Division is under investigation by Internal Affairs, police sources said Tuesday.

One source said the probe involves stolen time — cops getting paid for hours not worked.

The investigation involves IAB Group One, the unit that deals with the most serious misconduct. IAB has already seized log books, dating back to the start of 2018, from three SVD facilities: its main office in lower Manhattan, Manhattan Special Victims in Harlem, and a Bronx office.

SVD in 2018 was harshly criticized by the city's Department of Investigation, which said steep staff shortages effected the ability of the unit to properly investigate cases.

The DOI report, published in March 2018, also found that the NYPD gave short-shrift to rape cases involving acquaintances of the victims, rather than strangers. That year, reports of rape to the NYPD surged by more than 22%, a jump largely attributed to increased reporting due in part to the #MeToo movement.

Last November, Police Commissioner James O’Neill replaced SVD head Chief Michael Osgood with Deputy Chief Judith Harrison.