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NYPD seizes ‘cage’ street art focusing on Mexican border crisis


A street art installation depicting children in cages is causing quite a stir in the city, prompting police on Wednesday to seize the political statements about how children are treated at the Mexican border, officials said.

Five of the 24 #nokidsincages art pieces have been collected by police starting at 6:30 a.m., withing hours of being put up.

The art pieces show mannequins of children in five-feet by three-feet animal cages. The mannequins are wrapped in aluminum foil “blankets," but the child’s feet and hair are sticking out at both ends. There is also an audio component: a loop of a child crying.

The group No Kids In Cages intends the art to drive home the plight immigrant children face when separated from their families and caged at border facilities.

Police confirm they have seized cages found on Sixth Ave. in Midtown, Columbus Circle and Chambers and Centre St. near City Hall.

Each cage has a sign reading #nokidsincages.

An NYPD source said concerned pedestrians alerted the cops to the street art. Detectives are trying to determine if harassment charges are warranted, the source said.