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North Korea's 'peace gift' to South Korea had puppies — and they're adorable


South Korea's president has revealed the first pictures of puppies mothered by one of North Korea's "peace gift" dogs, Gomi. (Blue House)

May peace … and puppies be with you.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un gifted South Korea with two Pungsan dogs, named Gomi and Songgang, in September.

The Korean hunting dogs were called “peace gifts.” One of the dogs gave birth to six puppies.

“Here are Gomi's baby pups born on November 9. Mother pup and six babies are all very healthy,” the South Korean presidential office tweeted.

Three of the white fluffy puppies were females and the other half were males.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in also took to social media to confirm the news, BBC News reported.

“It is a huge blessing to have six more puppies added to two dogs,” Moon wrote.

Moon suspected Gomi was pregnant when she arrived in South Korea, due to the two-month pregnancy period most dogs undergo.

“I hope inter-Korean affairs will be like this,” he said.