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May 19, 2019

No warning signs of impending horrors in city visit to Queens home of battered year-old twins

October 5, 2018
A small memorial is set up at the home where one year old twins were beaten to death on Wednesday, by their mother, Tina Torabi. September 5, 2018 (David Wexler for New York Daily News)

A child welfare worker saw zero signs of abuse while inside a Queens home where twin 1-year-olds were savagely beaten two days later — with one fatally injured, sources said Friday.

There were also no complaints or allegations that the five children living with allegedly drug-addled mom Tina Torabi were ever victims of violence in their basement apartment until cops arrived this past Wednesday, said one source with knowledge of the case.

“The (Administration for Children’s Services) workers did not observe anything suspicious or anything that would have indicated abuse,” according to the source.

The mother of tiny victim Elaina Torabi was quickly grabbed for questioning by police summoned to the family’s home by the parent’s frantic 911 call Wednesday night.

But two days later, no charges were filed in the death of Elaina. Police are waiting until an autopsy was finished on the little girl, with further study pending in the case, authorities said.

Torabi was charged with assault for the ferocious beating inflicted on the dead girl’s twin brother Kian — who remained hospitalized with fractured ribs, a broken tibia, internal bleeding and assorted cuts and bruises.

Unanswered questions lingered Friday about a Manhattan family court judge’s decision six months ago to return custody of the kids to Torabi. The mom lost custody for six months after the twins were born in August 2017 with opioids in their systems.

“She was a junkie,” said a source. “What was her interest? Her kids or her drugs? She should not have gotten those kids back.”

The newborns were initially turned over to one of their grandmothers before they were returned to live with Torabi.

The mother — who collapsed to the ground in tears as first responders helped her kids — was quickly whisked to the 111th Precinct stationhouse, where she could not offer detectives any explanation for the horrifying injuries suffered by her children.

Sources said the home was no stranger to domestic violence: The 30-year-old was repeatedly assaulted by her estranged husband until the city Administration for Children’s Services obtained a restraining order against him this past January. In Texas, in 2015, her husband pleaded guilty to choking her, court records revealed.

Torabi was even bitten during some of the domestic violence episodes, according to the sources. When bite marks were discovered on the body of baby Elaina, police began to consider whether the dad was involved.

The twins’ three older siblings — ages 2, 4 and 5-years-old — told investigators that they spent time with the dad without ACS supervision despite the court order. The other children appeared to be malnourished, a source said.

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