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New York's tastiest chocolate chip cookie is made with tahini and olive oil — and it's vegan


Seven Grams Caffe now sells vegan chocolate chip cookies made with tahini and olive oil, and they're delicious. (Seven Grams Caffe)

Turns out that tahini — that beige paste served as a dip at Middle Eastern restaurants — makes a mean chocolate chip cookie.

Who knew? Manhattan-based mini-chain Seven Grams Caffe did, and recently started selling them at its three local coffee shops and on online.

If you weren’t told, you’d never guess the cookies were vegan and lacking both butter and eggs.

For the Tahini Chocolate Chip Vegan Cookies, Seven Grams subs in extra virgin olive oil for butter, and creamy tahini — a paste made from sesame seeds — in place of eggs. Dark chocolate chips round out the chunky cookie.

The result is a perfectly crafted cookie with a crisp outside and soft center that’s slightly salty with a hint of sesame seed flavor.

You can score the dairy-free delights for $4 each at locations in Chelsea (275 7th Ave.), Flatiron (76 Madison Ave.) and Hudson Square (175 Varick St.).

Those not in New York City can have a dozen shipped to them for $65 at