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New Yorkers cheer end of de Blasio’s presidential campaign: ‘Good riddance’


New Yorkers had a message for Mayor de Blasio after he dropped out of the presidential race: Get back to work.

“Maybe if they can chain him to the chair he can be our mayor for a change,” joked Charles Adams, a 73-year-old retiree from Astoria.

“Bill de Blasio should focus on his job,” griped Tom Del, a 42-year-old super from Chelsea. “You get paid here, do your job here.”

Hizzoner suspended his bid for the White House on Friday after four months of poor polls and sparse crowds on the campaign trail.

“Good riddance,” said James Taylor, a 38-year-old filmmaker from Flatbush. “I voted for him for mayor, but there’s a lot that he’s done in the city that hasn’t been favorable.”

Across New York City, de Blasio’s constituents were happy to see him out of the race and back home. But they also complained that his wandering eye for the national spotlight hasn’t helped address lingering issues back home.

“He should have been more involved in the city,” said Phoebe Cole, a 28-year-old from Bedford Stuyvesant who works at a nonprofit. “Maybe it was ego, or maybe there were deeper motivations. Did he think he was actually going to be the candidate? I don’t know.”

Nancy Holland, a 74-year-old from Astoria, called de Blasio’s dream of being president “ridiculous.”

“It’s the best choice he’s made,” she said. “He left us.”

Melissa Constantine, a home health aide walking with Holland, said de Blasio should “just get another job.”

“Can he be impeached?” she wondered.

De Blasio said Friday that he wouldn’t be a lame duck for the rest of his second term.

“You’re going to be seeing a lot more over the next two years, three months and 11 days,” he told reporters outside Gracie Mansion.