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New Mexico man accused of punching girlfriend, force-feeding cat meth: police


Aaron Spaulding, 39, is accused of abusing his girlfriend and his cat.

A New Mexico man arrested in June when he allegedly battered his girlfriend has had one of his charges upgraded after his cat tested positive for methamphetamines, police in New Mexico said Tuesday.

Aaron Spaulding, 39, allegedly punched his girlfriend multiple times, took her phone, and held her against her will, Las Cruces police said in a Facebook post, and an investigation of the alleged abuse also indicated he might have mistreated his two pets — a dog and a cat.

A veterinary examination of the male domestic shorthair cat led to the positive meth test, according to the police. The mouser has been treated and adopted by a new home, the cops said.

Spaulding is accused of strangulating the cat and force-feeding him the drug.

Man Charged with Felony after Cat Tests Positive for Meth Charges against a Las Cruces man arrested in June for...

Posted by Las Cruces Police Department on Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Spaulding, who was arrested June 4 and released on bond June 24, faces charges including false imprisonment and battery against a household member, police said.

One animal cruelty charge was upgraded from a misdemeanor to a felony after the cat’s drug test, according to the cops.