A Trump flag blowing in the wind outside a New Jersey home so outraged one resident he dumped trash on the property for months, authorities said.

Richard Keller, 58, faces multiple charges, including criminal mischief and harassment, the Sparta Township police said Wednesday.

“Mr. Keller had such disdain for President Trump that it enraged him that someone was displaying a Trump flag,” Sparta Lt. John Lamon said in a press release, NJ.com reported. “He decided that he would keep throwing garbage on their driveway to cause them inconvenience.”

Authorities said Keller began to throw trash onto the homeowner’s property four months ago. He apparently stopped when temperatures outside went up, but started up again in June.

The homeowner eventually installed a surveillance camera, police said. That’s when he captured footage that showed a Kia Soul pass the house, and the driver toss garbage.

Police said they identified the driver as Keller.

Afterwards, cops sat in the homeowner’s driveway in an unmarked car. Officers said they witnessed Keller throw garbage onto the property on July 1 around 5 a.m.

He was arrested later that same day.

When cops asked him why he threw the trash, he allegedly responded. “I think you know why… because of that flag.”

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