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May 19, 2019

New Jersey couple charged with trying to kill dog they could no longer afford

October 12, 2018
Dr. Jesse Gasparro and “Scout” at the Flanders Veterinary Clinic (Flanders Veterinary Clinic)

A New Jersey couple who could no longer afford their dog tried to kill it by shooting the border collie with a BB gun, police said.

Keith Ropp, 26, of Mount Olive and his girlfriend Carly McBride, 24, of Long Valley reportedly shot the dog six times Saturday in a secluded “wooded area,” according to a Mount Olive Police news release.

After the dog did not die, the couple took the animal to the Flanders Veterinary Clinic where the dog, Scout was tended to.

A technician went over X-rays and noticed pellets embedded inside the dog.

When the couple’s story didn’t match up, employees at the clinic contacted police, and Ropp and McBride were questioned.

As Ropp was checked for weapons, BBs or pellets fell from his pockets, police said. The two ended up admitting to the crime and were placed under arrest.

Both were charged with possession of weapons and unlawful purpose and unlawful possession of a handgun. The two are set to appear in court on Oct. 24.

Dr. Jesse Gasparro, who works at the clinic, has been fostering Scout, who he says is recovering from the gun wounds.

“Looking at him, he’s the sweetest, most mellow dog and it’s just so sad. It’s like, why would anyone want to do this?” Gasparro told Daily News.

Gasparro says he just moved to a new house and planned on owning a dog. Now, Scout has come along.

“I took him home last night, and right now he’s lying underneath my office desk,” Gasparro said. “He’s so sweet.”

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