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New Jersey cops lament beer truck’s spilling of ‘no longer serviceable’ product on Route 33


Cops are blue over spilled brew.

Police in central New Jersey are mourning the loss of “multiple cases of beer” that fell off a truck driving on Route 33 in Monmouth County. Cops discovered the carnage while responding to a hazardous condition on a roadway around 2 p.m. Thursday.

“Much to the dismay of the arriving officers, multiple cases of beer had fallen out of a delivery truck and were no longer serviceable,” Freehold Township Police Department wrote on its Facebook page. “The roadway was temporarily closed until the debris could be removed.”

Police posted a photo of a truck with a Fat Tire logo on its cargo door stopped in front of several busted-up beer boxes, several of which appeared to be Blue Moon.

“Oh, the humanity,” the Facebook page read.

The reference was to newsman Herbert Morrison’s emotional broadcast of the Hindenberg zephyr inferno, which happened in Manchester Township, N.J., in 1937.

The Freehold Township Police Department’s posting was punctuated with a pair of emoticons showing crying faces.