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NCT DREAM Reveals Their Inspiration Behind “Hot Sauce”

The charming members of NCT DREAM recently sat down with Access to discuss their new full-length album, Hot Sauce!

Since this is the group’s first full-length album, many are curious to know what inspired the members and what they hope to show. First off, Jeno expressed how special Hot Sauce is to them. Not only is it their first full-length album, it’s the first time promoting together as a 7 member group since “We Go Up.”

Q: What was the inspiration behind the album?

This new album is not just our first full-length album, but also an album that ‘7DREAM’ is back together promoting. It’s the first time we’re together as 7 again since ‘We Go Up.’

— Jeno

Jeno continued and explained how they wanted to create stimulating and addictive feelings through their title track ‘Hot Sauce.’ Jeno also revealed they are definitely showed a more mature side to themselves!

The title track ‘Hot Sauce,’ it’s a song that expresses very stimulating, and also addictive, kind of feelings, which I felt could be expressed well. And of course, I think listeners can expect to hear and see a more mature side of NCT DREAM.

— Jeno

As for the album’s overall vibe, Chenle conveyed that ‘Hot Sauce’ is an album packed with several genres and fans can expect to discover the member’s unique charms through it.

Q: Can you describe the vibe of the album?

This album, including title track ‘Hot Sauce’ has a total of 10 tracks, which are all different genres and vibes. And it’s one where you can definitely see all of our unique charms.

— Chenle

Check out the video below:


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