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MS-13 member nabbed in Long Island teen's death


Josue Figueroa-Velasquez was arrested on May 29, 2018.

Cops have arrested a third MS-13 member wanted for killing a Long Island teen, authorities said.

On Tuesday, investigators grabbed Josue Figueroa-Velasquez, 18, for playing a role in the killing of 16-year-old Angel Soler.

Soler had been missing for three months before his remains were found in a remote wooded area near the Southern State Parkway in Roosevelt, L.I., on Oct. 19.

Police said the teen had been hacked to death by a group of MS-13 gang members armed with a machete.

His killers brought his body to the woods and poured cement over it in an attempt to obscure any identification, cops said.

Investigators believe he was killed shortly after he disappeared in July.

His mother, Suyapa Soler, always suspected her son was killed in a gang hit, and said she brought Soler to the U.S. to flee gang violence in their native Honduras.

Angel Soler was comfirmed dead Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017.
Angel Soler was comfirmed dead Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017. (National Center for Missing & Ex)

Investigators found his remains after receiving a tip from the Department of Homeland Security.

Cops charged Figueroa-Velasquez with murder in the second degree. His arraignment was scheduled for Wednesday.

Accomplice David Sosa-Guevara, 26, and Victor Lopez, 29, were arrested after Soler's body was discovered.

MS-13, which authorities say has thousands of members across the U.S., has become a target of President Donald Trump.

The gang is believed to be behind 25 killings on Long Island during the past two years, officials said.

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