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Mountain lion killed trying to cross 10-lane freeway in L.A.


A mountain lion known as P-61 was fatally struck while trying to cross a highway early Saturday. (AP)

A mountain lion was tragically killed while trying to cross a section of a Los Angeles freeway early Saturday.

The 4-year-old male was struck at around 4 a.m. in the Sepulveda Pass area after succcessfully crossing the “massive” 10-lane freeway just two months ago, according to authorities.


“Researchers are not sure why P-61 decided to try and cross the 405 Freeway again,” said National Park Service Ranger Ana Beatriz. “Based on his GPS points, he had been staying close to the eastern edge of the 405 more recently.”

Beatriz added that there has been sightings of an “uncollared male mountain lion” that may also live in the region.

“A negative encounter between the two could have caused P-61 to move back west,” she said.

A young male mountain lion was struck by a vehicle in the same area in 2011.

With the threat of extinction looming, conservationists are building a mostly privately funded wildlife crossing over Highway 101 in Agoura Hills, according to The Associated Press. The crossing would give mountain lions and other wild animals a safe route to open space and give them access to food and possible mates.

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