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Motorist spends $35,000 fighting $123 speeding ticket, still loses the case


A British man ticketed $123 for driving 5 mph over the speed limit insisted he was innocent — and it cost him three years in court and nearly $35,000 in legal fees to fight the case.

Retired engineer Richard Keedwell told the BBC he was erroneously clocked driving 35 mph in a 30-mile zone in southwest England, which according to an electronics expert who testified in his defense, may have been due to a faulty speed camera or even a car passing by in an adjacent lane.

The court was having none of it and fined Keedwell more than $8,600 in court costs. The Bristol man also claimed to have paid lawyers nearly $26,000.

“I regret the amount of money," said Keedwell, 71, who would have preferred that his family had the cash to spend. "I very simply wanted justice.”

The Crown Prosecution Service reportedly blamed Keedwell’s appeals for the significant costs he incurred and said “a multiplicity of issues,” including the need for expert witnesses, figured into the high court costs.

Keedwell said he was tired of seeing the legal system “steamrolling ordinary people.”