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More ’Power’ to them: 50 Cent, La La Anthony discuss their shows impact, and upcoming spinoff


50 Cent and La La Anthony at the Season 6 premiere of "Power" at Madison Square Garden. (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for STARZ)

Rapper 50 Cent has proven his power goes beyond dominating the record charts.

The Queens-born entertainer’s show “Power” is entering its sixth and and final season on Starz on Sunday, and while the series is ending, 50 Cent says its impact on the television industry is just beginning.

“Look, ‘Snowfall.’ ‘Empire.’ All the major networks are starting to say, ‘It’s our version of ‘Power,’" 50 Cent told the Daily News. “So they’ll make those stories and they’ll bring diverse casts to the forefront on television. It’s going to spread.”

That doesn’t mean the 44-year-old star is resting on his executive producing laurels. A spinoff is already in the works. “Power Book II: Ghost,” will take place 36 to 48 hours after the events that wrap up the original show and will star Mary J. Blige.

Season 6 of “Power," picks up with James “Ghost” St. Patrick, played by Omari Hardwick, reeling from watching his former right-hand man turned rival Tommy, shoot Ghost’s federal prosecutor mistress.

Billboards for this season feature Hardwick and Joseph Sikora, who plays Tommy, a shift from previous marketing campaigns that showed Hardwick exclusively.

The change signals that the show is meant for a wide, diverse audience, and the promotion is similar to that of the 2007 crime-drama film “American Gangster."

“You see Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe equally in the actual marketing," the hip-hop superstar said. “This says, not ‘black film,’ it says ‘good film, black and white.’ ... The mistake that was made in the ”Power" key art was when you just put Omari by himself, it’s a ‘black film.’ ... If you put Joe Sikora and Omari there, it becomes broader.”

La La Anthony with Joseph Sikora on an episode of the sixth season of "Power."
La La Anthony with Joseph Sikora on an episode of the sixth season of "Power." (Myles Aronowitz)

True to form, the penultimate 15 episodes are full of twists, explains La La Anthony, who plays LaKeisha Grant, Tommy’s girlfriend.

“Once you think you have it all figured out, a curve ball comes and you realize that you don’t even know what’s going on half the time,” Anthony, 38, told The News. “It makes the show exciting. It makes you excited for each episode, and this final season is no different.”

Anthony, who rose to fame as an MTV host before sliding into acting and marrying basketball star Carmelo Anthony, will always have a special place in her heart for “Power.”

“It’s definitely been career-changing for me because it just validated to people that I’m serious about this and I can do this,” Anthony said. “I’ve been able to parlay this into other acting opportunities, so I’m very grateful to Fifty for taking that chance on me."

The final season of "Power" once again centers on Omari Hardwick's (left) character, James (Ghost) St. Patrick.
The final season of "Power" once again centers on Omari Hardwick's (left) character, James (Ghost) St. Patrick. (Myles Aronowitz)

While audiences have embraced Anthony and the show it has never been nominated for an Emmy. 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, believes there’s a racial component to those snubs, and doesn’t think his show’s legacy should be judged by awards.

"We’re looking at ratings instead of the accolades that come with the success of a project. Even in my music career, I didn’t receive best new artist for the highest-selling first album for any artist in hip-hop. ... It’s because the content was a little racy.”

But 50 Cent stuck to his creative principles in music, and he’s done the same in TV. That’s why he expects “Power’s" legacy to last — as does Anthony.

“Now when you go in (board) rooms, everyone’s looking for their version of ‘Power,' or what’s the next ‘Power,’” the actress said. “That’s exciting and makes me feel honored to have been on such a show that I know will be talked about for years to come.”