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Montana man wants a cryonics company to return his father’s head


A lab technician removes samples from a tank of liquid nitrogen. (JOEL PAGE/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

A Montana man is suing a cryonics company he says froze his dead dad’s head as instructed, but incinerated the body to which it was to have been attached in the event scientists someday manage to bring people back to life.

“They chopped his head off, burned his body, put it in a box and sent it to my house,” Kurt Pilgeram told the Great Falls Tribune.

According to Pilgeram, before his father Laurence died in march 2015, he’d made arrangements for Alcor Life Extension Foundation to freeze his dead body at minus-320 degrees. Laurence reportedly paid $120,000 for the service. But in April, Pilgeram said he received a box of ashes that used to be his father’s body — minus his head.

An upset Pilgeram wants an apology from the cryonics company plus $1 million. He also wants his dad’s severed head.

An attorney for Alcor reportedly blamed Pilgeram for trying to collect life insurance funds intended to pay for Laurence’s cryogenic preservation. Alcor said the agreement was between the company and the elder Pilgeram and they accuse his son of trying to breach that contract. Pilgeram accuses the company of breach of contract as well.

Pilgeram plans to have his father’s head cremated if he gains possession of it. He claimed to have already sunk $500,000 in legal fees into retrieving what’s left of his father’s corpse. Laurence’s remains will likely be spread across the family’s ranch in Eden, Mo., his son said.

“I think he would probably want it that way, based on the series of events that have happened,” according to Pilgeram.