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MONSTA X Showcase Their Classy Side In “One Of A Kind” Concept Photos

It was previously announced that MONSTA X would be making their comeback in seven months with their mini-album One Of A Kind!

The group released their first set of concept photos for the comeback, and the members have showcased their classy side in some very handsome images. Have a look at some of the pictures below that will get you excited for their comeback with One Of A Kind!

1. Shownu

Leader Shownu looks like a true, classy man allowing his visuals to be showcased.

2. Minhyuk

Seen as the funniest member of the group, Minhyuk swaps his smile for a brooding look oozing sophistication.

3. Kihyun

With his memorizing gaze and stunning visuals, Kihyun’s photos wouldn’t look out of place in a James Bond movie.

4. Joohoney

MONSTA X’s King of Aegyo Joohoney shows a more serious and mature side.

5. Hyungwon

Despite his cute looks, Hyungwon shows that he is the King of duality in his photos.

6. I.M

Maknae I.M once again showcases his cool and mysterious side fitting of a leading man.

7. Group

The members then split into three pairs and treated fans to concept photos that look straight out of Hollywood, showcasing style, charisma, and class.

Source: Official Monsta X


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