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Mitt Romney reveals how he voted in the 2016 election


Mitt Romney revealed who he voted for in the 2016 election. He previously said he could not vote for either Trump or Clinton. (Scott Sommerdorf/AP)

Like a large number of Americans, Mitt Romney voted for a woman in the 2016 presidential election — just not the one you think.

The Republican revealed he cast his vote for his wife, Ann Romney, in the historical election that pit Republican Donald Trump against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

"I wrote in the name of a person who I admire deeply, who I think would be an excellent president," Romney told the Deseret News Wednesday. "I realized it wasn't going to go anywhere, but nonetheless felt that I was putting in a very solid name."

This is the first time Romney, who unsuccessfully ran for President against Barack Obama in 2012, revealed his vote, though he previously made it clear he wasn't a fan of Trump or Clinton, having called the former a "fraud" and the latter an "awful candidate."

"It's a matter of personal conscience," he said in June 2016 of choosing not to vote for either. "I can't vote for either of those two people."

Romney revealed he wrote in his wife, Ann.
Romney revealed he wrote in his wife, Ann. (Laura Thompson/New York Daily News)

Since Trump's election, Romney has continued to criticize the former "Apprentice" host, and on Tuesday said he would not direct his grandchildren to look to Trump as a role model.

"He has departed in some cases from the truth and has attacked in a way that I think is not entirely appropriate," Romney told NBC News.

The former Massachusetts governor is currently running against Mike Kennedy for the Utah Senate seat, with the primary set for June 26.