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Missouri residents panic after seeing man carry around life-size doll thought to be ‘topless, unconscious woman’


A man is seen on traffic cameras dragging what turned out to be a life-size female doll through Kansas City. (Kansas City Police)

Alarmed Missouri residents contacted police after fearing a man would throw a “topless, unconscious woman” over a bridge — but it turns out he was carrying a life-size doll.

Multiple officers responded quickly to Tuesday’s bizarre incident in Kansas City, according to police. Witnesses said the man “appeared to be trying to dress her,” and one onlooker said the man appeared to yell “savior!” as he held the doll near the 12th Street Bridge.

The man carried the doll into the woods, according to the Kansas City Police Department. He was confronted by cops and told “not to carry it around in public anymore.”

He said he had found the doll in the garbage of a nearby restaurant.

“And here is today’s episode of ‘Not What We Expected Going Into That,’” the police department tweeted.